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Cognitive Reframing - Negative Thoughts

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Over the past year, life changed so much for our students, especially those facing exams such as GCSE's, A Levels and IB. The structure that we took for granted was erased in a heartbeat, no exams took place in the year 2020, instead an algorithm decided the fate of so many. In 2021 teachers are taking the responsibility of allocating results through assessments and course work.

As the Easter Holiday approaches students are preparing for their exams in the backdrop of a pandemic. Adding to their anxiety the fact they have missed out on so much learning the so called 'learning gap' just became a void that no one can fill.

If you are a student or parent reading this, how can you support reframing?

You might think this is a difficult task but if you practice reframing daily your confidence and self-esteem will improve and your inner critic will remain in control.

Cognitive skills are core skills your brain uses to 'think, read, learn, remember, reason and pay attention to - all together they work hard to keep you on track and will help you achieve your goal in passing your exams.

So, how do you achieve this, it's simple improve your cognitive brain function.

  1. Adopt a growth mindset - keep learning

  2. Stay physically active - the weather is changing make sure you exercise outside

  3. Manage emotional well-being - talk to friends, in fact anyone you trust

  4. Eat healthily - limit snacks, sugar and energy drinks - water is free and has everything you require, and add vitamin B supplements they produce energy needed to develop new brain cells and eat as much fresh produce as you can

  5. Restorative sleep - go to bed early, your brain needs to process information

If the fear of failing is holding you back and you are blaming CV-19, parents, teachers, the world and so on................... slow down and start to reframe.

Reframe - CV-19 was out of your control BUT the next few months are firmly in your control.

Reframe - You are worth so much more, dig deep, self care is important take appropriate measures to soothe your body and mind. Self-motivation starts with you.

Believe in yourself. Your inner strength is ready to shine!!!

Watch these videos only takes 6 minutes

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