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Finding the right Supervisor can be a daunting experience because one fits all simply does not work.

The role of the Supervisor should be inspiring, supportive, informative and challenging but most of all collaborative.

I use the Seven-Eyed model which was developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet.

I feel this model works well with most theoretical approaches. 

Working with young people and families can be difficult at times that is why you need an experienced Supervisor who is calm, empathic and approachable giving you the space to contemplate dilemma's as they arise. As counsellors we can have difficult caseloads and safeguarding issues can be overwhelming. I will be there to sensitively support and guide you in processing these situations and manage outcomes.


Further training as Designated Safeguarding Lead and trainer of current safeguarding policies such as KCSIE. The phrase 'the team around the young person' in today's climate has never been more important. 

My premises are comfortable and in a unique confidential setting, if you are a qualified or trainee counsellor looking for a fresh approach, please contact me: to discuss your needs.

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