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Thank you for choosing SLCC. We offer a safe calming environment designed and dedicated to neurodiversity a unique blend of psychotherapy/counselling, coaching and psychoeducation, a holistic approach to well-being.

This powerful combination can unlock your limitations and empower you to re-write your story. 


A little something about me: Catherine (Salvi) Coombs.

As the founder of SLCC, I began my teaching career over 20 years ago in Japan as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in a state secondary school. This opportunity enabled me to be immersed in Japanese culture, and to gain insight into a relatively unknown education system – an invaluable experience, which I carried with me later into my career when working, first as a teacher, then as a Counsellor, for an independent co-educational boarding school in the UK. ​​

I am an experienced Senior Accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor,CYPT (Child & Young Peoples Therapist) & Specialist Teacher who is compassionate, warm and empathic by nature. I understand what it is like to be different e.g., isolated from social groups, having a busy brain, managing emotions and tirelessly on the go both as a parent and professional. I had to learn to understand my brain and learning style in order to live a full and happy life. 


My focus and passion have been supporting neurodiversity by providing mental health support and advice to companies, families, individuals and advocating for young people in educational settings. Supporting adults exploring their neurodiversity and traits, and young with a diagnosis of A.S.D, ADHD/ADD, SpLD such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, Emotional Dysregulation and mental issues such as Hoarding Disorder.

The impact of CV-19 on the mental health of young people is becoming untenable. Over the years, through my programs, I have worked tirelessly to destigmatise mental health among adults and young people, normalising and encouraging them to acknowledge and take ownership of their own mental health needs. My approach is to use a combination of existential theory, person-centred, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT and psycho-educational approaches when working with young people.

Losing a loved one whether it be sudden or through cancer has an enormous impact on family and friends. Living with cancer can bring many changes and difficult decisions especially when it comes to palliative care, end-of-life care. I can guide and support you through this very difficult process, with understanding and warmth.

In our rapidly changing world, with constant, and sometimes overwhelming pressures from social media, technology, peers, managing parental expectations, and the educational system. It is unsurprising that so many young people are developing mental health issues such as low mood due to isolation, depression, symptoms of anxiety, lack of confidence and lack of hope for the future. Our young people are desperately reaching out for help, it is essential that we listen and support them with compassion and understanding.


Adults require something different. I attune to you, walk with you and respond accordingly, moulding my therapeutic approach that fits your journey. I am totally respectful of each clients' uniqueness and fully understand the journey of self-discovery and healing is a lifelong commitment. My personal journey has been painful and blighted and life changing. This is why I apply a powerful combination of counselling therapies such as person-centred, humanistic and psychodynamic, psychoeducation and coaching because our journey is not an easy one. If you decide, I am the right counsellor/coach to support your life changing journey and you are committed to healing and transforming areas in your life. Then it's simple either email or call and together we can tackle and explore patterns in your emotions and thoughts, analysing your belief system to gain a deep insight into your current ‘Self’”. 

All empowering you to re-writing your story....

If you like what you are reading and you feel I can support your child and family, please contact me. Taking that first step can be difficult but I will be there to gently guide you.

Best wishes,




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What Our Clients Say....

"After over a decade in therapy on and off, with 5 different therapists, I found Cathy. I had struggled to find the right therapist for me, feeling like I was not understood by those I had chosen and often forced into treatment shaped by their preferred path or specialism. 


The doctor who confirmed my ADHD diagnosis (when I was 29) helped me to consider the benefits i would recieved from finding a therapist who understood neurodiversity.


It was not easy to find someone who understood ADHD in adults - I found that in this unregulated industry many therapists say they understand neurodiversity, and yet do not.


The difference in working with Cathy was immediate. She helped me to feel comfortable to speak my mind, has not pushed me into a particular treatment path or style, adapts to whatever I most need to talk about that day and helps me to consider the impact (and benefits) my neurodiversity adds to the challenges we all face. 


Working with Cathy gives me space to talk through these challenges, exploring the issues I'm stuck on in that moment.


It sounds exaggerated, but working with Cathy has been life-changing for me. Her personality and experience helps me feel heard and understood".

And thank you for everything! It's a pleasure working with you :)

I am very humbled to work with you.


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