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Tips for Managing ADHD

1. Create a daily schedule - Do not over-schedule.

Balance your time and activities make sure to include self-care.

2. Set time limits - for tasks that can't easily be broken down,

3. Accept some discomfort when completing tasks - You may never be 100% in the mood.

4. Focus on the outcome of a task. How do you feel when you complete something on your to-do list? Remember adults with ADHD often overestimate how difficult a task can be. And underestimate positive feelings....

5. Develop plans for handling distractions - write a list of your possible distractions and be prepared to change. Generally, change does not come easily.

6. Identify procrastinating behaviours - These are unhelpful, unproductive and mindless.

7. Create a distraction free area for completing tasks - Keep it tidy, sit down, (silence phone) let people know you are going to be busy.

8. Know and understand your objective and stick to it - Don't make detours.

9. Reward your self for completing a task!!

Be kind to yourself - living with ADHD is exhausting enough !!

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