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Who runs the Family Support Group and Why?


Hi, I am Nita Underwood, a mother of two teenage boys.  My eldest is dyslexic and my youngest is dyslexic and dyspraxic. My husband is also dyslexic. 


So when our sons started school, we put ourselves on notice to ‘watch out’ for the boys displaying any dyslexic traits. When the boys started to learn to read and write, I noticed they were showing signs of dyslexia, but it was a challenge for me to get teachers to listen to my concerns as my sons are very bright, intelligent and articulate boys.


The teachers kept dismissing my concerns, even when my youngest son struggled to hold a pen when learning to write. Incredibly, it took a couple of years before finally the SENCo and teachers agreed that both boys needed to be assessed. My eldest was diagnosed with dyslexia and a year later my youngest was also diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia.

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However, the hardest and most difficult part was getting the School to provide appropriate support for my sons. I found myself tirelessly doing intensive research: reading journals, books, looking on websites and talking to other parents. Sadly, I was the one taking the lead suggesting and requesting different types of support for my sons in the classroom which most of the time were not implemented. This led to the difficult decision to move my sons to a different school halfway through their school years: Y4 and Y5. 

This gave me many sleepless nights; Did we make the right decision? Will the boys make friends? How will they cope with the transition?  Soon we were to see dramatic changes and the boys thrived. The Specialist teachers understood my sons different learning styles and how they as individuals learned. As a result of that­­­­­­­­­ change my sons are happily at Senior School confident in their own abilities and equipped with life skills and coping strategies.

Supporting my sons over the years, has been at times lonely, daunting and difficult. I passionately feel that parents are forgotten, and their feelings and views overlooked. This group will give you the support you need to gain back control. I truly look forward to meeting you face-to-face.


  • Counselling Certificate L2

  • Bar Vocational Course (BVC) Graduate

  • Post-Graduate in Diploma of Law (CPE)

  • BA (Hons) American Studies and English

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