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SLCC Family Support Group

What makes SLCC different is that we support family life.


Our Core belief is that 'A family doesn't need to be perfect it just needs to be united'

We start out on the journey of family life with such good loving intentions. Soon reality hits hard - family life can be a struggle emotionally and physically. Sometimes we need support and help to get it back on track.

When children are young and you discover they are not learning quite the same as other children you start to worry and at times panic. You feel isolated from other parents and your child has stopped being asked to birthdays parties. Social Isolation engulfs your family.

Where can you turn for support and advice.

Group Meeting

At school you expect answers and guidance from teachers but sometimes they are slow to understand. We have been through this process both as parents and professionals.


Now the experience of CV-19 has turned our lives upside down not just as parents, but as wives, husbands and caregivers.

The trauma of losing so much. But we as parents held it together, and now it is our turn to tell our tale.


Our motive for starting a Family Group is simple we had nowhere to go, no support and no-one to talk too.

Our group is inclusive, non-judgemental and monitored  by an experienced Snr Accredited Counsellor: Cathy (Salvi) Coombs and led by a Nita Underwood. 

The centre is located in a unique private setting where you can safely share 'face-to-face' your experiences openly and honestly. 

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