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To be able to learn is easier said than done with feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty being very common.

Covid-19 created gaps across the academic year groups.

We are a group of highly qualified teachers QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and Specialist Teachers who understand the affects Covid-19 has on learning.

Our Core Values and practical approach encourages, motivates and nurtures a love of learning that enables the young person to reach their full potential.

Most learning difficulties can be overcome if there is a connection between the teacher and student.

Most learning gaps can be breached with the right support and knowledge.

A one-to-one teaching situation with a young person is exceptionally unique due to the closeness of the

relationship.  Students can become vulnerable when exposing their weaknesse's but we will motivate and encourage them to reach their potential.

Studying in the Library

At SLCC we are experienced and understand emotional stresses, anxieties and negative thoughts that sometimes challenge learning.

Are you concerned about your child's learning needs?  Are you concerned about your child's ability to communicate verbally.?

Are you looking for your child to be assessed for dyslexia?  

If the answer is YES, then simply email or call.

English Tutor

Our tutors are fully qualified teachers (QTS) & specialist teachers who can deliver online or face-to-face learning. 

They specialize in most subjects supporting primary and secondary curricula with emphasis on GCSE, A Level and IB subjects.

School Children

Specialist Teaching for Young People

Our specialist service provides tutoring for young people who are dyslexic, dyscalculic, have processing difficulties and those who generally struggle with learning. 

We pride ourselves in creating an individual program that best suits our students' needs, promoting self-confidence in their own abilities. Thus, enabling all students to reach their full academic potential.

Rock Balancing


'I can't recommend Surrey's Learning and Counselling enough, my children benefitted massively. Cathy has turned my very shy and over sensitive children into very confident and outgoing ones. They both really enjoyed their sessions, they also now enjoy their schools and have become high achievers'.

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