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Learning Resources that can support the whole family.

At Surrey's Learning and Counselling Centre we understand that literacy does not begin and end in the English classroom. Raising standards in literacy is everyone’s responsibility. The transition between primary and secondary school can be a challenging time for many pupils, in particular for those with learning difficulties. This transition can both reveal and widen gaps in learning, and the recent school closures will have undoubtedly exacerbated these gaps. These gaps are not only limited to knowledge; literacy plays a key part in determining a pupil’s success at school. 

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Primary:  KS2

Here are some useful free sites that are fun and engaging.


Click here to visit sparkle box

Click here to visit bbc

Click here to visit hope-education


Secondary: KS3, KS4


Click here to visit lauranteaches

Click here to visit


A Level


Chemistry Textbook
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